I am a life coach and medicine guide, born and raised in the ancient city of Kermanshah, located in the west of Iran. In 2012, I moved to the United States to continue my journey.

My path began with the practice of Taekwondo, which I pursued for many years, achieving national recognition and competing in Iran's international teenagers' competition team. While I enjoyed the sport, I eventually realized that it wasn't aligned with my nature and decided to explore other paths.

This led me to work in the video games and visual effects industries, where I gained valuable experience but still felt a sense of misalignment with my true purpose. Throughout this time, I struggled with a recurring crisis of identity, driven by mystical experiences and strange events that left me seeking answers and experimenting with my own healing.

In 2015, an intense awakening experience marked a turning point in my life, as I began to experience severe anxiety and depression and sought out healing through a variety of spiritual practices and teachers. Over the years, I have worked with life coaches, medicine guides, and meditation teachers, receiving many blessings and initiations along the way. Now, I am honored to offer my services as a spiritual guide, helping others to connect with their own truth and discover their path to healing and wholeness.

You can contact me using this email contact@ehsankiani.com